A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

An attempt at a multiplayer interactive fiction game.

You enter on a house's porch, with a mysteriously personal, but welcoming banner. Explore the inside in this text adventure. However things may change when other players are around. Work together or not.

This game is now open source under the GNU GPLv3 license and thus could be added to and change over time. Add to the story!

Install instructions

# Texty.js - A multiplayer text adventure engine written in Javascript

## About

Texty.js is a multiplayer text-adventure game engine, written in Javascript and optimised for Node.js. It features a simple JSON based world definition that makes it easy to write your own stories.

The multiplayer features include parties and instancing, person-to-person and group based chat, and a shared world.

To try it out, telnet to the example server: "telnet stratus.nathankunicki.com 10070" (Use any username and password). If you get stuck with what to do, type "help" to see a list of available commands.

## Installation

Install Node.js v0.12.0 or above (Take a look at [nvm](https://github.com/creationix/nvm) for easy management of multiple versions of Node.js).

1. Clone the repositoy

2. npm install

3. npm start

4. telnet localhost 10070


github repository

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